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2012 West Coast Production Sale - Red Bluff CA

Below is info for the West Coast Production Sale on Saturday, July 21, 2012. Day begins at 9AM with an organizational meeting of the new Western States Dorper Club followed by inspection of sheep, followed by a free lamb BBQ at noon. Sale begins at 1PM.

Pictured are some of the rams being considered for the WEST COAST PRODUCTION SALE. We have 9 rams we are inspecting and testing and will select the top five. This is from a group of 35 that we have kept for sales. This includes rams sired by Ida Vale 2086, the sire of our high selling Dorper ram at this years' Midwest Stud Ram Sale that sold to Ohio for $5000 and rams sired by Etiwanda 5005, a trait leader and in the top two percent for eye muscle depth over all terminal breeds in Australia. Final selection will be made when codon testing is received. We have a very high quality group of rams to choose from, with several sire lines, so plan to come to Red Bluff and select your ram.

2012 sale ram candidate 2012 sale ram candidate
2012 sale ram candidate 2012 sale ram candidate

2012 sale ewe candidates on pasture
Several pens of ewes will be offered. They are pictured at left, still on pasture. They have been screened and tested, and will be brought off pasture shortly before the sale. These ewes have spent their lives on pasture, and come from our keeper ewe group. While they may not look like show ewes, they are highly productive, excellent doers and will produce the type of sheep that will grow and thrive on grass.






2012 Nugget Show & Sale - Reno NV

We had three yearling rams at the Nugget All-American Invitational Show and Sale in Reno NV. Sale which started May 30, 2012.

Sale Ram #525
Lewis 110525 was Grand Champion White Dorper Ram and
sold for $1,700 at the 2012 Nugget Sale in Reno, NV

2012 Midwest Stud Ram Sale - Sedalia, MO - June 23-28, 2012

Thanks to all our buyers at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale. We were proud to have the top selling Dorper and White Dorper ram, 110041, at $5000!!  110004 SOLD FOR $2250, with an average on 5 rams of $2200.

This year we are consigning five yearling rams at the Midwest Sale from our A.I. program. These rams are each sired by a different Australian sire and have been scanned for eye muscle depth and evaluated by Lambplan for growth rate.

LWD 110041 & 110004
LWD 110041 & 11004
LWD 110041 & 110004
LWD 110041 & 11004 from rear

LEWIS WHITE DORPER 110041 (pictured above)
DOB: 2/11/2011  Single A.I.  PUREBRED
Dermatosparaxis – Negative
Codon 171 – RR
Sire: Ida Vale 052086
LWD 110041 is a fast gaining, thick, muscular ram with a hair coat. We purchased his sire, Ida Vale 052086 in Australia and he has produced many good A.I. offspring for us and added a lot of muscle to our sheep. He is been on
the Lambplan Elites List continuously since we entered his first lambs in 2008.

LEWIS WHITE DORPERS 110004 (pictured above)
DOB:  2/08/2011 Triplet A.I.  PUREBRED
Dermatosparaxis – Negative
Codon 171 – RR
A.I. sired by Etiwanda A3242 who is on the Lambplan Elites Sire list with 616 offspring in 6 flocks. LWD 110004 is a full brother to our high selling ram in the 2010 Midwest Stud Ram Sale.  He has a good growth rate and is an excellent shedder.


DOB:  2/10/2011 Single A.I.  FULLBLOOD

Dermatosparaxis – Negative

Codon 171 – QQ

Sired by Etiwanda B3730.  LWD 110021 is big framed, long ram with good muscling. His sire is currently on the Lambplan Elites Sire list with 285 progeny in 4 flocks.


DOB: 2/10/2011  Single  A.I. PUREBRED

Dermatosparaxis – Negative

Codon 171 – QR

Sire: Etiwanda D4825.  LWD 110031 is a long bodied ram with good muscle expression. His sire has been a good producer of attractive sheep and excellent ewes for us.

DOB: 2/14/2011 Twin  A.I. PUREBRED
Dermatosparaxis – Negative
Codon 171 – RR
Sire:  Etiwanda D5005
LWD 110081 is a trait leader for post weaning eye muscle depth on Lambplan. His sire Etiwanda D5005 currently has 195 offspring in 4 flocks and is the second rated White Dorper ram on the Lambplan Elites Sire List with a post weaning Eye Muscle Depth EBV in the top 2% of all terminal sires in Australia.

We will also be selling two yearling White Dorper ewes and two pens of three registered purebred ewes at Sedalia. Information on these ewes will be available at the sale or contact us for pedigrees and photos.

Sheep For Sale - Rams:

Our main focus is selling quality White Dorper rams for registered and commercial flocks.

We seldom sell rams until they are yearlings because we need to enter their growth and muscle scan data on Lambplan during their first year. Also lambs can change and it’s much easier for buyers to evaluate rams after they are a year old. Not every ram lamb is sire material and we cull ram lambs heavily assuring only the best were kept for sires.

Our 2011 rams are growing out well and we’ll have a good selection of bloodlines for sale. Carcass scanning on these rams has resulted in some very favorable loin eye EBVs. We use a certified LambPlan scanner.

We believe in providing access to our LambPlan performance records on rams for those interested. To see data on all our 2011 rams click here. From the search page on the upper left for BREED select White Dorper. For YEAR OF BIRTH select 2011; for SEX select Male. On right side of page go to STUD NAME/FLOCK type in 470LWD. Go to bottom of the page and click on SEARCH.

This list includes all our 2011 rams so be aware these have been culled down to 55 head. The $SRC Index value is located on the right side. Darker blue shading on the $SRC index indicates the top 10% of all Australian terminal breeds. Click on rams’ number to see pedigree information.

More information on individual sale rams will be available in May. All sale rams will be tested and negative for dermatosparaxis.

We can provide transportation for a limited number of our commercial rams to the Midwest Sale in Sedalia, MO without cost. Contact us for details and ram prices.

Sheep For Sale - Ewes:

We also sell groups of ewe lambs. If available these are sold off the ranch in late summer and fall. If you are interested in commercial ewe lambs contact us early for availability. Also registered ewes and sometimes ewe lambs are sold in sales. Information on sale ewes will be provided in May or early June.

Look for our entries at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, Missouri in June and the West Coast Production Sale in Red Bluff, California in July. See the Links page for information on these sales. Also watch for our entries in other sales.

Semen Sales:

Starting in mid-2012 we will offer White Dorper semen for sale. Contact us for rams available and prices.