Black Canyon Ranch in Oregon

Lewis White Dorpers on Pasture

Welcome to spring! Here at Lewis White Dorpers we just wrapped up another lambing season and now it’s time to stand back and watch lambs and grass grow. Although this winter and early spring were unusually cold and wet, our W. Dorpers ewes did fine and most lambed on pasture.

Every year we are seeing more new Dorper breeders in various regions and climates showing the adaptability of Dorpers and White Dorpers. We are lucky to have a breed that are wonderful mothers and lambs that are quick to get up and get started. I hope Dorpers never lose these traits. When we raised other so-called maternal breeds, I can remember how labor intensive and unhealthy it was lambing inside with jugs and struggling to get newborns to nurse.

Last September we again traveled to Australia to visit with fellow W. Dorper breeders and attend the National Sale in Dubbo. The growth of commercial and purebred Dorper operations in Australia is always impressive.

Here at home, on May 11th and 12th we had a very successful on-line sale in conjunction with Glennland Farms. This was the Premier On-Line West Coast Dorper and W. Dorper Sale. The bidding was brisk, prices were good and we helped transport sheep to new owners across many states. We plan on making this on-line sale a yearly event.

In fact, this year will be our last year for selling at the Midwest Sale in Sedalia, MO. We appreciate the buyers we’ve had there over the years and will miss the visits with other sheep people, but feel the time and money it takes to get there could be better spent.

See our Sale Sheep page for information on our entries for this years’ Midwest Sale in Sedalia, MO.

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